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The baby has arrived!

Man, what a crazy weekend it's been!  Last week, I had Tuesday through Thursday off, which was nice as I was using those day to get some last minute things done before the baby arrived (such as installing a car seat).  These are things we'd been trying to do for a couple of weeks now, but Holiday demands with family kept interfering.  I got a lot of things done on Wednesday, including coming up with a couple of storage solutions for baby clothes and items since we have no nursery for a little while.  I was very pleased with what I came up with.

On Thursday, I woke up feeling pretty awful.  But I took grandma out to lunch as promised.  We also did a little baby shopping before I dropped her back off with mom and dad.  I wanted to spend more time, but I had laundry to do and was still not feeling well and was hurting.  Later that night, I noticed that the Braxton Hicks were really strong and I was trying to figure out how I was going to get past them in order to work effectively the next day.  Went to bed early but woke up around 11:30 still in a lot of pain.  Kept waking up every half hour after that and around 2am I decided to call the doctor emergency line and see what they thought.  I was told that since my doctors appt earlier that day had shown no changes and my cervix was still closed, that I was most likely in pre-labor or practice labor but if I felt that bad, I could always go to the hospital.  I spent the next hour timing the contractions at 5 minutes apart so at 3:30 I finally went back upstairs and woke Matt up.  When we got to the hospital, they said I was already at 4cm dialated and was most certainly in labor!  So they got me set up in a room and Matt ran back home to get a hospital bag together (I was supposed to pack it Thursday night, but didn't because I hurt so much).  In the meantime, I was in so much pain from the contractions that the only comfortable position I could stay in was sitting up, which did not allow them to monitor the baby's heartbeat and stuff like that.  So I opted for the epidural.  I'm so glad I did- I was so much more comfortable and it allowed me to somewhat enjoy the process a little.  Everything after that seems like a fuzzy blur- time went by really fast.  They let me eat a little Jello, which was nice as I was feeling weak from lack of food and sleep.  Before I knew it, it was 12:30 and they wanted me to start pushing.  I didn't feel like I was doing anything effective but because I was so weak from lack of sleep, pushing made me nauseous.  Sadly, I ended up throwing up during pushing, but I suppose that is just how it goes sometimes.  Matt got much more of a front seat than he originally wanted, but he was a great coach and a lot of help, handing me water and anything else I needed.  It started hurting again when the baby's head started to crown- that's a lot of pressure down there!  But at 2:29, out he came, weighing 7lbs 2 oz and measuring 20 inches long with a beautiful head full of blonde hair.  I was happy but too tired to feel much else.  Not too long after that, Matt texted dad (who was the only family member he kept in contact with all day and who knew we were in labor- dad is the only one we could trust to allow us to keep this private without barging in) and let him know the news and that it was okay to tell mom and grandma.  They all showed up with Ken sometime around 5 or 6pm.  Matt was doing his best to get ahold of his mom but she forgets her cell phone all the time and he wasn't able to reach her until visiting hours were over.  So she had to wait until the next day to visit.  Matt stayed with me at the hospital the first night, but went home on Saturday night so that he could work on getting things ready at home for Ben's arrival.  Andrea helped him a great deal, for which I'm very grateful.

We headed home yesterday and spent the rest of the day trying to figure out what to do with this new baby and how he now fits in to our home lives.  It's a strange adjustment and a weird feeling when they kick you out of the hospital like "okay, good luck now!" and you're like "okay, now what?"  Last night was pretty brutal because Ben would not fall asleep unless he was with us or we were holding him.  As soon as we put him in his bassinet, he would start crying again.  Made for a very long night.  I spent all night throwing up- again from sleep deprivation.  Matt stayed home today because he was exhausted, but took the baby this morning in order to let me get some sleep, since he said I was up all night with Ben.  So sometime when I was passed out this morning, Matt figured out that if he feeds Ben while he's in his bassinet or his nap nanny, that he'll fall asleep there and we don't have the problem we had last night.  As I type this, Ben has been asleep in the nap nanny for the past hour or hour and a half while Matt has played Assassin's Creed III and I used the time to eat, make some more bottles (I have decided to supplement formula during the day so I don't have to deal with trying to breastfeed around Andrea and Faisal and also so Matt can help me feed Ben and still breastfeed at night in our room and in the morning) and balance the checkbook.  We have our first pediatrician appt in about an hour.  I plan on talking to him a bit about getting through the night and see if perhaps he has any other tips.  So far, it sounds like Matt's idea is a good one. 

I love to watch Ben, though.  It's fun to look at him and try and pick out which features are mine and which ones are Matt's.  I've already decided that he has Matt's little ears (thank goodness) but my (and Ken and dad's) eyes.  I think his hair is more like Matt's because it looks like it will grow in wavy, which means it will probably also be thick.  I think the nose may be mine (poor kid) but that could change since newborns are always a bit squished at first.  The mouth I'm not sure about yet.  At first I thought it was Matt's but now I think it could be mine- not sure yet.  He's a neat little guy, though- very active when he sleeps and very curious about his surroundings when he's awake.  I think poor Jack is not sure what to think quite yet.  He likes the baby, but he's not fond of how much of our time the baby takes up and the fact that he now has to share my lap.  He's also not sure about all the noises the baby makes yet.  Poor Jack- this is a big change to be asking an 11 year old dog to make, but I hope he's able to take it in stride!


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Jan. 9th, 2013 01:27 am (UTC)
Yes, I am aware of the recall, thanks. Just like with the bumbo, it sounds like people are misusing the product which is causing hazards. Nap nanny is designed to stay on the floor, period.
Jan. 9th, 2013 01:32 am (UTC)
Yeah, that is true. You can't design a product to protect against stupidity. :) Just wanted to make sure you saw it though.
Jan. 8th, 2013 03:15 am (UTC)
Jan. 9th, 2013 01:27 am (UTC)
Thank you! Feels weird being called "mommy" these days.
Jan. 9th, 2013 02:09 am (UTC)
I totally felt the same leaving the hospital and coming home thinking "now what?" I'm so glad I did have my mom around cause we did move in with her for a few months since David just got a new job and he was doing a lot of training away while I was on my last few weeks. You know what though, we got so many tips on what to do and how to do just about anything for our baby but ultimately it was daddy and I that made the decisions and our kiddo has turned out the best I could have imagined! You have an awesome relationship and this is gonna be fun for you two. Thank you for your blog too, brought back lots of good (and physically painful but bearable) memories. P.s. that is a whole lotta pressure down there! It was like a ring of fire for me! Ha ha, TMI! Jackie :)
Jan. 15th, 2013 05:57 pm (UTC)
Wow, i guess our babies were just in hurries to be born. :) They wanted to see us too. It sounds like the birth wasn't bad, i'm a bit jealous. :P but I don't think there was a chance for my tubby baby making it out the normal way on me. Anyhow I'm glad b/c i think it makes things a little less complicated for you to take care of the baby too, and i think new moms need things as easy as possible. I sympathize regarding the sleep dep. I have never been so tired as the first couple of months. But i'm excited for you guys. I cant wait to see more pictures and read about how you grow as a family. Pls give Ben a kiss for me. :)
Jan. 17th, 2013 01:00 am (UTC)
I will, thanks! :)
Looking forward to driving again on Friday- it's been a pain in the ass having to rely on others to chauffer me on my errands these past two weeks.

C-Section was the only thing I was adamantly against unless it was a medical necessity for either myself or Ben. So glad it wasn't something we had to do! Who knows for next baby, though.
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