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Current craziness

We moved Faisal and Andrea into our place last weekend.  It's been interesting for all four of us working to adjust to the new lifestyle since then. 
We ended up moving them into the second bedroom because we figured Faisal might not be able to work stairs very easily after his back surgery.  So for the moment, there is no baby's room- he'll be rooming with us for a while. 

It was all pretty cut and dry for Fais to have his surgery on the 26th.  However, he got a call from the doctor yesterday saying that they found some artery blockage by his heart and they don't want to operate on him until they can get that resolved.  So he's going in tomorrow to discuss that.  Fortunately, workman's comp will be covering that as well, since they're considering it a preventative measure to his back surgery, so that's good.  We were worried that they would be faced with huge heart surgery bills and wasn't sure how that would change their length of stay.  So for now, it just sounds like we're waiting to get answers about how they need to proceed with his heart.  Will it require surgery?  Just treatments?  We hate not knowing and in the meantime, poor Fais has been scared out of his mind, not that I blame him in the least.  It's a pretty drastic thing to have to face at only 28.  But the most we can do for him right now is be here and be supportive.  Matt's taking a half day from work tomorrow in order to accompany Fais to his consulting appointment.

In other news, not much going on with the baby yet.  I'm doing my weekly dr appointments now and so far, I'm not dialated and it seems like he hasn't turned so it would seem that he's still pretty content to stay where he's at for the moment.  I'm just ready to be done working for now.  I'm fairly uncomfortable and having to walk in the snow and ice makes me nervous because I'm scared to death of falling right now.  But they won't let me start my leave early, so I guess I just have to keep working until I drop a baby.  *shrugs*  I'll mostly be glad to be on leave because I'm sick to death of all the nosy, rude and intrusive questions.  I look forward to having some of my personal life back to myself again.


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Dec. 21st, 2012 09:03 pm (UTC)
oh no, the annoying questions will continue after you have the baby. and people will want to come see you and the baby when you just want to sleep. and then when you get back to work, they'll ask you when you're having your next baby and if you had a boy or girl and what the name was and if he's sleeping blah blah. privacy is now a thing of the past.
Dec. 23rd, 2012 05:48 am (UTC)
Yeah, I suppose that will be a thing. I'm hoping not so much but we'll see.
I'm not as worried about the people- we don't have much family out here at all. It will be short term for a while with the visitors.
I know initially, my mom and grandma will be the biggest pains about coming to see the baby all the time. Oh, and probably Matt's mom as well.
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