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Lock up your daughters...

...we have a little boy on the way!

And I couldn't be more over the moon about the whole thing. I have had a feeling, ever since I found out I was pregnant, that this was a boy. I appear to be carrying low and the gender predicter on thebump.com had predicted a boy. So I was thrilled to see the little extra appendenge on the ultra sounds on Monday. The amusing thing about this so far, is that almost everyone I talk to (especially women) are puzzled that I really wanted a boy. That's not to say I wouldn't be just as thrilled with a girl- I would- but there's just something so much fun to me about boys. I grew up a tomboy- my favorite things were climbing trees, playing sports and catching critters. So the idea of a tiny version of Matt running around that I can share all these fun things with is just wonderful. Boys are full of mischief, fun and excitement. When/if we have a little girl, I will tackle trying to balance her out amidst this sickening princess culture that they all seem to be forced into these days. But for now, I will enjoy my little man. Also equally exciting is the fact that he will be named Benjamin Roy, so I can name him after my father- which is truly important to me. My father has long been my hero and parenting inspiration and it means so much to me to carry on his name.

Also found out that another set of friends that have a one year old are expecting again- due in April. So that adds another baby to our group! With their one year old, (on the rare occassion we see Vince and his three little girls under the age of five) Rob's five month old, Jen is due in November, Sarah in December and myself in January- plus the new little one in April- our get togethers are going to start looking like a daycare took over pretty soon! Amazing how all these babies seem to be arriving at the same time. I just wish I was closer to Cali, so Wes and Benji could play together! Maybe next time we head out to visit.


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Sep. 5th, 2012 08:43 pm (UTC)
I love the name! :)

I kinda wanted the challenge of a girl and not making her a spoiled princess. At disneyland, they call all little girls princess and i wanted to make her a shirt that said, Do Not Call Me Princess, and see what would happen.

We'll have to take a trip out there sometime with little Wesley. Maybe in a two years?? The kids will be older and hopefully a little easier to travel with. I want to see Eric again and his nephew and of course you guys, and Kartik in Austin. Make a big ole trip down the center of the country. :D
Sep. 6th, 2012 12:51 am (UTC)
Yes- I was talking about this with mom the other day about how if we were having a girl, it would be my utmost priority to do what I could to counter-balance this disgusting Princess Culture that has sprouted in the past decade. I hate it because I believe it is creating a generation of selfish and self-absorbed little girls and I don't like the image it's promoting.
No princesses and no divas. Positive feminine role models and progressive thinking.
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